Arden Ward

South/Birmingham, Alabama

Arden's Favorites

Here are a few of Arden’s favorite things at Mpix.

Gallery Wraps

Gallery Wraps

The vibrant colors and deep tonal quality of Mpix gallery wraps make them a personal favorite. My images seem to jump right off the canvas.

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Framed Prints

Framed Prints

Mpix frames are classic and complete the overall statement of our style. The beautiful quality of printing is finished and complimented by surrounding the image with a mat and frame.

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Flat Cards

Flat Cards

The Mpix Flat Cards are one of our favorite products! They are extremely versatile in that you can use them for many different kinds of events and situations. Our clients LOVE them!

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Square Prints

Square Prints

We are in love with square prints ­ 5x5's, 8x8's and 10x10's. They're artistically retro. We order them all the time and can't get enough of them!

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About Arden

Arden, a photojournalist, owns Arden Photography, LLC, one of the South¹s premiere wedding photography studios. She attended New Mexico State University to pursue her passion for life, art, and the documentation of life's moments through the camera. After her studies at NMSU, the lens pointed her toward Miami, FL, where she used her photographic skills for fashion photography and celebrity lifestyle photography. She has photographed many well known personalities including President Barack Obama, Paula Deen, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Nicole Richie.

In addition to the wedding and portrait business, her freelance photography career is buzzing. Arden¹s images can be seen in 8 recently published books, and multiple magazine titles, as well as the cover of Paula Deen Memoirs, "It Ain't all about the Cookin'".

Although her studio is full of activity, Arden regularly gives back to the community and regularly volunteers for numerous charitable organizations. She has received many awards in her career with the most recent being AdFed's PEAK Newcomer of the Year.

In Arden's free time you will most likely see her acting on her passion, obsession and addiction ­ photography. This currently includes a fine art endeavor of cultural photographs taken while in India, Cuba, and Croatia.

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