JP Elario

Albany, New York

JP's Favorites

Here are a few of JP’s favorite things at Mpix.

Gallery Wraps

Canvas Gallery Wraps

The depth, texture & perfect corners of gallery wraps are simply beautiful on any wall.

Check out our Gallery Wraps

Fuji Pearl Prints

Fuji Pearl Prints

I have these all over my office. The colors scream, especially blues & yellows.

Learn more about Fuji Pearl Prints

True B&W

True B&W

The True B&W is just as I remember from my darkroom days.

Learn more about our True B&W paper type

Flat Cards

Flat Cards

You can do so much with Flat Cards, a birth announcement or a save the date's are two things I often use them for.

Check out our Flat Cards

Folded Cards

Folded Cards

Folded Cards are not just for the holidays, my brides & grooms often use them for thank you cards. The 5x7 glossy is off the hook.

Learn about our Folded Cards

Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table Books

Almost every one of my bride & grooms receive a photo book. You can't beat the assortment of sizes or the fast turnaround time for these books.

Learn about our Coffee Table Books

About JP

I have been shooting weddings with my father since I was 11 years old. I can’t imagine not having a camera with me. I have over five years of formal education & training, however, I have over 15 years of experience. I enjoy what I do and most importantly love what I do. There's nothing more fun than capturing life and making my clients happy.

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