New Image-Centric Book Designs

Let your photos shine with the simple elegance of our new Essentials book collection. These two new layouts allow your photos to take center-stage while offering a clean, modern design to anchor your photos and pull them all together.

Ordering is easy. Make a few choices about the look of your book. We then tell you how many photos you need and take care of the rest. You may go back to add or take away photos as you so choose to create the perfect book that is uniquely you. Specific options include:

  • Soft Cover Books from $15.
  • Hardcover Coffee Table Books from $20.
  • High-quality Stock, Pearl and Linen papers.
  • Various sizes from 5×5 to 11×8.5.

The simple design of these books offers endless possibilities for any photos and all occasions: weddings, families, babies and kids, landscapes and more. All these, and more, have a home in an Essentials Book.

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