Phone Photography Tips for Kids

Photography Tips for Kids

Wildly passionate about her family, Ashley Ann Campbell captures the beautiful details of her life through a collection of powerful images and words called Under the Sycamore. If you’re looking to take incredible photos like the ones you see below, register for SnapShop, a workshop created for beginners looking to improve their photography.

With five kids and a house that is constantly in motion, photography is my tool for capturing beauty in the midst of what can at times feel like chaos. My kids see my camera out daily. They know photography is important to me, but I want them to take delight in it too. I make it a point to create as many positive experiences with my camera for them as possible. I’ve learned anytime I can make photography personal for them, they are more willing to embrace my camera when it’s pointed in their direction. When they can hold photos in their hands instead of scrolling on my phone or camera, photography becomes so much more exciting to them.

There are a vast number of things you can do with your photos to get them off your memory card or phone. In a two-part series, I am going to share a simple art project that puts your kids behind the lens and ends with a fun activity.

For the project, I asked my kids take three pictures: one outside, one close-up, and one with a background included.

Below are four simple tips to give your kids as they take photos for their art project.

Tell them to move around: Kids actually move around more naturally than adults when taking photos, making this is a pretty easy concept for them to grasp. Encourage your kids to move around – get high, get low, get close, get far. As they change their angle they will begin to see more ways to capture a photo.
Kids Photography Tips

Teach them to tap the screen: Most smartphones have the ability to move the focus around by tapping the screen. This is pretty easy for even young kids and it makes such a huge difference when what they want in focus is actually in focus.

Kids Photography Tips
Kids Photography Tips

Help them learn to use light: By showing them how to keep their main light source behind them, they will be more likely to get well lit pictures instead of dark ones. I usually just tell my youngest kids to keep the window behind them. For my older kids, I also remind them to make sure they don’t block the light as they stand in front of the window.

Kids Photography Tips
Kids Photography Tips

Pick shade or bright light: My kids like to take pictures of their toys, whether it is lego men or art supplies. By choosing either an area of bright light or a shaded area, their photos come out more consistent.

Kids Photography Tips

To check out the photos my kiddos captured, peep my blog post. Stay tuned for pt.2 that will feature a fun art project for you and your kiddos once their photos have been printed!

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