Online Help Topics

Why can I not print my full image?

We are unable to offer a full frame printing feature. It is mathematically impossible for our printers to avoid cropping on files that do not meet the aspect ratio of the print size ordered. We suggest ordering print sizes (example: 8x12 vs. 8x10) that allow more cropping room. The red crop box will show you how your image will be printed.

My image uploads as scrambled lines. Why?

This is because your image is in CMYK or grayscale mode. Mpix is able to print from RGB files only. You can change this by opening your image in Photoshop and going to Image-Mode.

Does Mpix offer custom sizing?

Our printers will only print to the aspect ratio of our standard print sizes. You will need to crop your image to our standard sizes before uploading to ensure the correct cropping is done. If you have images that are not sized to our standard print sizes you will have to place them on a canvas in Photoshop to get the desired sizes. Example: a 9x12 image would be placed on an 11x14 canvas (white border) in Photoshop to get the custom print size.

What is your phone number?

Avoid long hours on hold. For the quickest and most effective customer service, all inquiries are done via email. Simply email us at and you will receive a reply within minutes at almost any hour.

Can I add text in Photoshop before upload?

We are not able to add text to prints. The majority of our customers choose to add text in Photoshop before uploading. We recommend allowing 1/8" from the edge of the print for die cutting.

What are my order options?

Checking out multiple orders

If you have multiple orders in your cart, then you can check out one or more orders at a time. Checking out multiple orders allows you to enter shipping and billing information only once. If you want to ship separate orders to separate destinations, then please check each order out separately.

Color Correction

Our color technicians review every image and make slight adjustments to density, color, contrast, and other elements of your files on monitors that are calibrated directly with our printers. When you "Do Not Color Correct" your images, the images are not adjusted by our color technicians and are sent directly to our printers.

Die-cut wallets

Our standard size wallets are die-cut by default. Please be sure to click 'Preview' in the shopping cart.