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22 Wedding Accordion Minis

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Endless Love White Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Diamond Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Dazzling Gray Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Budding Love Yellow Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Bouquet Day Teal Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Blooming Red Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Just Married Accordion Minis
Happily Ever After Accordion Minis
Bouncing Boy Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Sugar and Spice Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Sky Salutations 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Timeless Wedding 1 Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Timeless Wedding 2 Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Ever After 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Gray Zig-Zag Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Pink Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Aqua Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Blue Victorian Accordion Minis
Yellow Zig-Zag Accordion Minis
Pink Victorian Accordion Minis
Joy of Nature Accordion Minis
Love Pennant Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis

Get on-the-go photo-sharing fun with Accordion Mini Photo Books.

Because the family photo album doesn’t fit in your purse - Accordion Mini Photo Books give you a chance to show off your favorite photos with style, no matter where you find yourself.

Accordion Minis are perfect for celebrating any occasion - we have Newborn Accordion Minis, Wedding Accordion Minis, Holiday Accordion Minis or an accordion mini for the day you finally get everybody in the same room (and smiling!) for a few family photos. These accordion-style mini Photo Books offer a fun and affordable way to showcase your  photos. We even have Calendar Accordion Minis to keep you organized and smiling all year round.

Pick your occasion, choose your layout and drop in your photos to make your dream mini photo book. Just make sure you get one for Grandma AND Grandpa. They won’t want to share.

Lindsay MacDonald
It would be nice if there were a less stylized option. I've searched all of the mini accordian categories "holiday, birthdays, etc" and I really just want one without colors/text/textures, just images. Thaks!
Thanks Lindsay, we will pass this along to our product development team.
Marla Sudman Lisman
Millers has them with no elements.
Christy Màiquez
Mpix , you used to have that as an option.... JUST images... what happened to it??? That disappeared as well as the start over button. That was my fav :)
Jessica Clayton
Hi, will you be offering this sale in mpixpro? Would love to order some that I designed myself
Hi Jessica! This sale is not active for MpixPro, only Mpix at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your question.
Jill Allbaugh-Heinz
If I order a mini accordion do I have to fill in all the photo boxes. I am trying to create one with only five or six pictures. Also, can one picture be spread over two pages?
Hi Jill. We don't recommend leaving any image openings blank as they may print as gray boxes. The designs cannot be customized at this time by spreading an image out over two pages.
JoAnne Nevins
Can these stand up on their own? For instance if placed on a desk would it fall over or stand up when opened?
Thank you for reaching out, JoAnne. Our Accordion Minis can stand up on their own when opened, which is a very popular display option for this product. Here is an example from our blog of how they look when displayed like this:
Jemaimed Maldonado
do you offer anything for anniversaries?? i have been trying to find something on your page but don't know if I'm just missing it.. Do you have any suggestions?
Hey Jemaimed, for anniversaries a framed print of the two of you always works great! We have a 25% off sale for our framed prints that ends tonight at 11:59 PM Central time. Thanks!
Jemaimed Maldonado
Mpix thank you for replying, I will check it out. My project is for mid September, hopefully you will have some other offers at that time. = ) thanks again.
Brandee Nicole Anderson Oswald
How many photos can be included?
Hey Brandee! Each Accordion Mini Template has a pre-set number of photos included. The most common number of photos is 12, some will have less that this depending on the template design. Thanks for your question!
Rosie Symply
does mpix offer custom jump drives?
Hey Rosie! We do not offer a custom jump drive through Mpix, however you can order one through our sister site MpixPro! Check them out here: Thanks!
Erin Hovanec Lockledge
Can I add a title to the cover of my accordion mni?
We apologize, Erin, but we do not offer this as an option at this time.
Tracey Costanzo
Love this idea. Would be great in a larger size --4x6 and 5x7. Please consider offering this.
Thank you for the suggestion, Tracey. We will pass it along to our product development team.
Hina Khan Class
agree, i ordered these, and they sure are cute, but way too little to really enjoy quality pics
Tammy Reid Remington
These are nice options, will they be available through zenfolio for our clients?
Hey Tammy! You would have to reach out to the customer service team at Zenfolio for help with this question. They are at Thanks!