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Preppy Mosaic Invitation

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Magnets Details
4x5.5 (25 per set)
1 set$34.50
2-5 sets$32.00
5x7" (25 per set)
1 set$37.50
2-5 sets$35.00
Sizes 4x5.5" or 5x7"
Material Printed on eco-friendly paper with magnetic backing
Sets Order in sets of 25
Design Features Drag and drop your image into one of our stylish designs
Envelopes Free envelopes (optional with order)
Boutique Packaging Gift wrap your order in our upscale packaging

Wedding Magnets by Mpix: Preppy Mosaic Invitation

Our Preppy Mosaic Invitation custom Wedding Magnet has a text box with green and pink font for your wedding invitation details with a vibrant pink mosaic pattern trimming the top and the bottom. 

Order your Photo Magnets in a 4.5x5” or 5x7” and in sets of 25. Simply choose your occasion, upload your photo into the design of your choice and in a few days receive your shipment complete with complimentary envelopes - it doesn't get much easier than that!

Whether it is the holidays, a wedding (don't forget to check out our matching sets of wedding stationery!), a birth announcement, birthday, or a graduation, we have tons of Magnet designs for you to find your favorite and personalize with your favorite digital photos. 

A personalized photo magnet from Mpix always looks great on display and will set you apart from all the drawings and lists that call the fridge home. Get started ordering yours today!

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