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Flat Cards Details
Flat Cards, 4x5.5" (25 per set)
1 Set$25.00
2-5 Sets$24.00
Flat Cards, 5x7" (25 per set)
1 Set$28.00
2-5 Sets$27.00
Flat Cards, 5x5" (25 per set)
1 Set$28.00
2-5 Sets$27.00
Flat Cards, Circle 5x5" (25 per set)
1 Set$44.00
2-5 Sets$43.00
Ornate Cards, 5x7 (25 per set)
1 Set$55.00
2-5 Sets$54.00
Please note: Receive multiple set pricing when ordering multiple sets of the same card. Pricing structure does not apply when ordering multiple sets of multiple cards.
Sizes 4x5.5, 5x5, 5x7, 5x5 Circle, 5x7 Ornate (not all designs are available for all sizes)
Paper Types Signature, 100% Recycled, Stock, Pearl or Linen paper
Coating Gloss coating available for Stock Paper cards (front side only; coating not available for 5x5 Circle Cards)
Card Option
  • Add a pre-punched hole to 5x5 Circle Cards for custom ornaments
  • Ornate is a stylish 5x7 card that is just different enough to standout
Design Features Drag and drop your images into one of our stylish designs
Sets Order in sets of 25
Envelopes Envelopes available at no additional charge
Boutique Packaging Gift wrap your order in our upscale packaging
Address Labels Add an address label (size 7.25x0.625") to your card order; choose one of nine color options

Custom Photo Cards by Mpix: Create Your Own Custom Greeting Card Design

Do It Yourself Custom Photo Cards, Flat Cards and Folded Cards let you completely customize the design and layout of your greeting card. Send a custom invitation for a wedding, bridal shower or a birthday party, or send a custom photo greeting card for Christmas and the holidays. Creative license is all yours, so design away, friends!

Choose from a 4x5.5" or 5x7" Flat or Folded Card layout, or try one of our 4x8" Photo Cards in a vertical or horizontal format. Completely customize every last inch of your dream card with Mpix, your one stop shop for all of your stationery needs. You can rest assured your card is printed on high-quality paper, like our Mpix Signature or 100% Recycled papers, and delivered, carefully packaged, on your doorstep faster than you can spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Kelly Wilson Crozier
Morning! I ordered a custom 5X7 birthday card and when I drag the jpeg file to the DIY card it cuts off the sides of the card and not the whole design can be seen? Is there something I can do to fix this to make it all fit? Thanks!
Hey Kelly! Our customer service team can help you with this issue - please e-mail them at and they will get back to you super fast. Thanks!
Elizabeth Rumpler
Hello! I am concerned that the coloring on the picture I am using is a little off...I tested it today at Walgreens and I'm hoping it's just because they use cheap paper. Is there any way I could get a "proof" of my card sent to me in the mail, to make sure the coloring is accurate? I'd hate to order 100 cards and get them only to realize my child's face looks red. Thanks!
Hey Elizabeth! We color correct your image to make sure that your cards come out perfect! If we don't get the color right, we will happily re-print the cards for you without a hassle. Our color correction team are trained professionals. Thanks!
Elizabeth Rumpler
Mpix Y'all are awesome! This is my first time using Mpix and y'all have been so helpful. Thank you!!!!
Aww thanks!
Adam Ritchey
I'm trying to find a simple, full-bleed postcard option. But I couldn't get the DIY cards to display as full-bleed. Am I in the wrong place?
Hey Adam! Our customer service team can help you with this order. Please e-mail them at - they are super fast and super helpful. Thanks!
Jessica Jeffrey Russell
Do you have a 5x7 two sided card option?
Hey Jessica! We do have card templates that match that size, however not all of our templates will have that option. We do also have our DIY cards which let you upload your own design - this includes a 5x7 option. They are located here: Thanks!
Amanda Karshna
Hello! Would I be able to get a set of 25 of different photos?
Hey Amanda! We apologize but the majority of our cards are ordered in sets of 25, which would be 25 of the same design. However, you can order our 4x8 Photo Cards one at a time, they are printed on our Photographic Paper. Thanks!
Amanda Lynch
How do I get one of the backgrounds you offer onto my card and customize with text? When I drag the background I want onto the card, it's not doing anything???
Hey Amanda! The DIY card options allow you to upload a completely custom design of your own, we do not have tools to design a card on the website, which includes adding text to templates. You will have to create your card using a photo editing program and then upload the finished product to our site as a JPEG. Thanks!
Cassie Price Sherbeck
Can you tell me what the turn around time is for cards?
Hey Cassie! We ship card orders from our lab in one business day, after that we would suggest choosing FedEx as your delivery option to make sure you get your order the fastest. Thanks!
Karen Akin
is there an ivory paper?
Hi Karen. We do not offer an ivory paper at this time.
Carrie Campis-Dugan
What paper option is best for writing on? I'm making cards for a bridal shower game and the guests will need to write on them.
Hi Carrie. Ball point pens will work with all of the paper types available on cards. Our most popular card papers are Signature and 100% Recycled, which will also work with Sharpies.
Brandy Smith
do you offer a rounded corner option for custom design greeting cards?
Hey Brandy! We do not offer a rounded corner option, however our sister company MpixPro might have what you are looking for! Check them out at Thanks!