12 Hanukkah Cards

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Hanukkah Frame Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Hanukkah Wishes Blue Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Menorah Blue Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Modern Magen Blue Worsham Designs Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Twinkling Magen Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Vintage Magen Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Modern Hannukah Flat or Folded Cards, Starting at $1.00
Colorful Hannukah Flat or Folded Cards, Starting at $1.00
Menorah Photo Cards, Starting at 42¢
Hannukah Colorful Candles Flat or Folded Cards, Starting at $1.00
Blue Dradel Photo Cards, Starting at 42¢
Menorah Deep Purple Photo Cards, Starting at 42¢

Celebrate Life with Mpix Custom Photo Cards

Here at Mpix we deliver professional quality Photo Cards personalized by you and printed by us. With designs for custom holiday greeting cards, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, birthday party invitations, birth announcements and more, Mpix is your first and last stop for all things stationery.

Simply choose from a wide variety of fresh, colorful Photo Card, Flat Card and Folded Card designs, and then add your own pictures and text to create stunning, customized Greeting Cards sure to showcase any event with the utmost style.

Share the joy and the new additions, the accomplishments and the successes in your life with personalized Flat Cards, Folded Cards, and Photo Cards by Mpix.

Brian Bolen
Are the 4.5 x 5.75 Flat Landscape cards (in your DIY download) printed in such a way they can be used for post cards? Meaning, the US Post office says they must be no larger than "4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick". Thank you.
Hey Brian! The cards meet the requirements for mailing as post cards however, that is not something we encourage. The cards are susceptible to weather and can be ruined during the mailing process. We strongly recommend the use of envelopes with the cards. Thank you for your question!
Brian Bolen
Mpix Thanks. Do you have a product you would recommend for postcards?
The closest product we have to a postcard are the flat cards that you asked about. These will work as post cards, but they do have a chance of being ruined during the mailing process.
Pam Harris Barrell
I need to customize our Save the Date. However I already have the picture with the text on it and just want it printed on card stock rather then photo paper. Is that possible as i dont see a way how to do it. thanks!
Hey Pam! Our DIY section is located here: If you need any help ordering, our customer service team will be happy to help you! Please e-mail them at Thanks!
Della Dean
How long will it take to receive Senior invites?
Hey Della! We ship out orders from our lab within 24 hours, from there is depends which shipping option you pick. We always suggest FedEx shipping to make sure you get your order the fastest. Thanks!
Jc Images
Can we up load our own full image designs for the 5x7 cards - 2 sided?
Hey JC! If you go to our DIY section here: you can do exactly that! Thanks for your question.
Maggie Bestgen
Is there an option to upload my own design for a wedding invitation and have them printed on a card-stock of some sort through mpix, without it having to be photos?
Yes there is Maggie! You can do that here: Thanks!
Richard Lucas
Do the flat cards include envelopes? Please email me at
Hey Richard! The flat cards do come complete with free envelopes. Thanks!
Kim Jackson
I am working on the Classy Collage. Can I print without the back?
Hey Kim! We apologize, but you are not able to change the template or print the card without the back side. Thanks for your question!
Lauri Schroeder
Will I get envelopes with my Graduation Cards?
Hey Lauri! All of our cards come with free envelopes. Thanks!
Deanna Gardiner Garcia
How do I find the cards with a Christian theme about Jesus??
Hi Deanna. We have several card designs with Christian themes among our Christmas Cards. One of the most popular is the Shining Stars design, found here: We also have several Modern Pop Card designs with Christian themes about Jesus, like the All is Calm design found here:
Rebecca Hill
There are several wedding invitation styles that I like, but I can't change the color of some of the permanent text to my wedding colors. Is there a way to do this?
Hey Rebecca! We apologize, but any text that is not personalized is a part of the template and can't be changed. Thanks for reaching out to us about this!
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