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Neutral Script Jamie Schultz Designs Flat or Folded Cards
Bright Zig Zags Flat or Folded Cards
Teal Banner Flat or Folded Cards
Lime Gray Chevrons Flat or Folded Cards
Mod Cubes Flat or Folded Cards
Salt and Pepper Flat or Folded Cards
Gray Banner Flat or Folded Cards
Bold Zig Zags Flat or Folded Cards
Bright Thanks Jamie Schultz Designs Flat or Folded Cards
Thank You Floral Script Photo Cards
Thank You Gray Stripes Photo Cards
Thank Dots & Stripes Photo Cards
Thank You Flowers Red Photo Cards

Celebrate Life with Mpix Custom Photo Cards

Here at Mpix we deliver professional quality Photo Cards personalized by you and printed by us. With designs for custom holiday greeting cards, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, birthday party invitations, birth announcements and more, Mpix is your first and last stop for all things stationery.

Simply choose from a wide variety of fresh, colorful Photo Card, Flat Card and Folded Card designs, and then add your own pictures and text to create stunning, customized Greeting Cards sure to showcase any event with the utmost style.

Share the joy and the new additions, the accomplishments and the successes in your life with personalized Flat Cards, Folded Cards, and Photo Cards by Mpix.

Briana Taylor
I did the diy cards for my invitations and response cards. Not only did mpix have the best prices, they were easy to use. I ordered my items and In under a week I received them! I was surprised at how fast I got my order. My items turned out exactly as I wanted them and they look beautiful. I definitely recommend mpix for all photo needs!
Thanks Briana! We are so happy you love your invitations!
Peggy McDonell
I have a custom card created I just need to upload it and print it. How do I do that? It's two sided.
Hey Peggy! You would want to go to our DIY section to order your custom cards. Thanks!
Ute Herzel-Harding
If I had to describe the Mpix customer service with one word, it would be EXEMPLARY! It is the best of its kind with quick response times and a true willingness to help. When the USPS tracking status claimed my recent order of greeting cards had been delivered - when I never received it even after waiting for an additional 5 days - Barry from customer service had the order reprinted and shipped to me via FedEx even though Mpix was not to blame for this USPS shipping conundrum. Thank you, Mpix, for being real professionals: competent, efficient, and polite!
Thanks so much!
Jayme Aronson
greetings say we have our own design can we upload and order cards? Thank you
Absolutely Jayme! We have our DIY card section here: Thanks!
Jayme Aronson
Mpix Thank you!
Della Dean
How long will it take to receive Senior invites?
Hey Della! We ship out orders from our lab within 24 hours, from there is depends which shipping option you pick. We always suggest FedEx shipping to make sure you get your order the fastest. Thanks!
Angela Shevchuk
do you make custom invites?
Hey Angela! We have tons of invites for different occasions, as well as our DIY section that lets you upload your very own card design. Thanks!
Melissa William Cain
Do you also print plain note cards?
Hey Melissa! We do not print plain note cards, thank you for your question.
Jennifer Lord McNeal
Is there a design that allows you to have the script on part of the picture? The photo I want to use was taken specifically to leave a space for the script.
Hey Jennifer! We do not have a text tool on our site at this time. You would have to add your script text in a photo editing program before uploading the final image to our site. Thanks!
Crystal Holder Windom
I use pic monkey it is awesome for the script part. Then send it to mpix.
Deanna Gardiner Garcia
How do I find the cards with a Christian theme about Jesus??
Hi Deanna. We have several card designs with Christian themes among our Christmas Cards. One of the most popular is the Shining Stars design, found here: We also have several Modern Pop Card designs with Christian themes about Jesus, like the All is Calm design found here:
Richard Lucas
Do the flat cards include envelopes? Please email me at
Hey Richard! The flat cards do come complete with free envelopes. Thanks!