7 Thanksgiving Cards

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Bountiful Feast Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Give Thanks Beige Angie Sandy Designs Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Happy Leaves Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Thanks Dinner Beige Angie Sandy Designs Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Thanks Leaves Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Thanksgiving Love Beige Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00
Turkey Frame Chocolate Flat Cards, Starting at $1.00

Celebrate Life with Mpix Custom Photo Cards

Here at Mpix we deliver professional quality Photo Cards personalized by you and printed by us. With designs for custom holiday greeting cards, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, birthday party invitations, birth announcements and more, Mpix is your first and last stop for all things stationery.

Simply choose from a wide variety of fresh, colorful Photo Card, Flat Card and Folded Card designs, and then add your own pictures and text to create stunning, customized Greeting Cards sure to showcase any event with the utmost style.

Share the joy and the new additions, the accomplishments and the successes in your life with personalized Flat Cards, Folded Cards, and Photo Cards by Mpix.

Shannon Dilley-Conyers
Hi! Do you guys print customized birthday banners? I just bought a printable banner from Etsy...just curious?
Hey Shannon! We are sorry, however do not print banners at this time. Thanks!
Della Dean
How long will it take to receive Senior invites?
Hey Della! We ship out orders from our lab within 24 hours, from there is depends which shipping option you pick. We always suggest FedEx shipping to make sure you get your order the fastest. Thanks!
Leah Wiseman Fink
Hi - I want to use a photo card as stationary -- will any of the finishes allow me to write on it? Thanks!
Hey Leah! Are you referring to our 4x8" Photo Cards?
Jennifer Lord McNeal
Is there a design that allows you to have the script on part of the picture? The photo I want to use was taken specifically to leave a space for the script.
Hey Jennifer! We do not have a text tool on our site at this time. You would have to add your script text in a photo editing program before uploading the final image to our site. Thanks!
Maggie Bestgen
Is there an option to upload my own design for a wedding invitation and have them printed on a card-stock of some sort through mpix, without it having to be photos?
Yes there is Maggie! You can do that here: Thanks!
Deanna Gardiner Garcia
How do I find the cards with a Christian theme about Jesus??
Hi Deanna. We have several card designs with Christian themes among our Christmas Cards. One of the most popular is the Shining Stars design, found here: We also have several Modern Pop Card designs with Christian themes about Jesus, like the All is Calm design found here:
Bridget Busch
Your photo cards all have a 2013 year. If I order now will that be updated to 2014 or will you have new cards for 2014 soon?
Hey Bridget! When ordering cards, you get the option to pick the year that is shown on your card. Thanks!
Gretta Goldsworthy Irwin
I am not seeing where that option is available. Please help.
Hey Gretta! Do you mind e-mailing our customer service team with the card you are having trouble with? Their e-mail address is and they will be able to assist you further. Thanks!
Rachel Dickerson Smith
Any chance I can upload a .pdf to print in the DIY version of a flat 5 by 7?
Hey Rachel! You would have to convert the file to a JPEG format in order to upload it to our site. Thanks!
April O'Tool Tigges
how many cards to an order?
Hey April! Cards are ordered in sets of 25, we also have our 4x8" Photo Cards that are printed on photographic paper and can be ordered individually. Thanks!
Rebecca Hill
There are several wedding invitation styles that I like, but I can't change the color of some of the permanent text to my wedding colors. Is there a way to do this?
Hey Rebecca! We apologize, but any text that is not personalized is a part of the template and can't be changed. Thanks for reaching out to us about this!
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