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10 Valentine's Day Accordion Minis

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Great Times Mpix Accordion Minis
Glory Days Mpix Accordion Minis
Special Memories Mpix Accordion Minis
Cupid's Song Accordion Minis
Falling For You Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Aqua Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Love Pennant Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Pink Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Silly Hearts Accordion Minis
Hugs and Kisses Accordion Minis

Get on-the-go photo-sharing fun with Accordion Mini Photo Books.

Because the family photo album doesn’t fit in your purse - Accordion Mini Photo Books give you a chance to show off your favorite photos with style, no matter where you find yourself.

Accordion Minis are perfect for celebrating any occasion - we have Newborn Accordion Minis, Wedding Accordion Minis, Holiday Accordion Minis or an accordion mini for the day you finally get everybody in the same room (and smiling!) for a few family photos. These accordion-style mini Photo Books offer a fun and affordable way to showcase your  photos. We even have Calendar Accordion Minis to keep you organized and smiling all year round.

Pick your occasion, choose your layout and drop in your photos to make your dream mini photo book. Just make sure you get one for Grandma AND Grandpa. They won’t want to share.

Jenny Olson Thiery
Any chance of creating a larger one...4*6 or even 5*7? I love this product!
Hey Jenny! We will pass this along to our product development team. Thanks!
Stacy Gutierrez
are these accordions wallet sized?
Hey Stacy! The Accordion Minis are wallet sized at 2.5"x3.5". Thanks!
Alison E. Curtis
I too wish there was just a basic option, of perhaps photos only without background, or solid black. It's hard to gift these when they're so limited with customization.
Caryn Cosentino-Ogurek
exactly how big are the accordion mini photos? fo 20.00 id hope they were at least 4x6 each??
Caryn Cosentino-Ogurek
exactly how big are the accordion mini photos? fo 20.00 id hope they were at least 4x6 each??
Hi Caryn, it will completely depend on the template you select. There are designs that feature spreads so the images are larger. Hope this helps!
Jennifer Kopp
Do you have a trifold type of holiday card? I like this idea but I need over 100. Is there a card option for this vs a book?
Hey Jennifer! We do not have a tri-fold card option at this time, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your question!
Michelle Chewning Vrana
Isn't there a "work around" to order the mini-accordians with just images and no border? I know I ordered one earlier this year or last year, and that one is nothing but images. Thanks!
Our customer service team can answer this for you Michelle - please e-mail them at Thanks!
Morgan Brewster
Are these magnetic? I have seen these photo book magnets on a friend's fridge and they believed this is where it was ordered.
Hey Morgan! Our Accordion Minis do have a concealed magnet for soft closure. Thanks!
Morgan Brewster
Thank you! And sorry for the double post. I didn't think it showed up the first time!
Mark Androchuk
Whats a good size for photo when uploading? Pixels? This would help if this information was available on site when uploading. Seeing cut off of photos on some. I understand I can move but doesn't allow do to constraints. Thanks, Mark
Hey Mark! The prints get cropped when the aspect ratio of the image file you upload doesn't match the product you are ordering. An example would be if you uploaded an image that is 8x12" and tried to order a 5x7" - these sizes do not match up and our software is forced to crop the image. Our software determines the maximum size you are able to order based on the quality of your image, any issues with cropping deal with this ratio. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team at, they will be able to help you further. Thanks!
JoAnne Nevins
Can these stand up on their own? For instance if placed on a desk would it fall over or stand up when opened?
Thank you for reaching out, JoAnne. Our Accordion Minis can stand up on their own when opened, which is a very popular display option for this product. Here is an example from our blog of how they look when displayed like this:
Tracey Costanzo
Love this idea. Would be great in a larger size --4x6 and 5x7. Please consider offering this.
Tracey Costanzo
Love this idea. Would be great in a larger size --4x6 and 5x7. Please consider offering this.
Thank you for the suggestion, Tracey. We will pass it along to our product development team.
Brittany Miller Martin
Mpix Would be great to offer these at a lower price!