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Order personalized Magnets online with Mpix. Photo fun that sticks.

Custom Magnets by Mpix are a memorable way to celebrate any special occasion with friends and family. Whether it be the holidays, a wedding (don't forget to check out our matching sets of wedding invites, bridal shower invites, wedding reception invites and wedding thank you cards), a birth announcement, a birthday or a graduation, we have tons of Magnet designs for you to find your favorite and start making it your own.

Simply choose your occasion, upload your photo into the design of your choice and in a few days receive your shipment complete with complimentary envelopes. Order your 4.5x5” or 5x7” Magnets in sets of 25.

Make sure your invitation or announcement gets noticed and not just tossed in the trash. Mpix personalized Magnets always look great on display and will set you apart from all the drawings and lists that call the fridge home.

Amberle Quackenbush
What is the crop area for the 4.5x5" magnet? I am using the DIY option but when I upload my Save the Date photo it crops off important aspects in the preview. Thanks!
Brandi Wark
Can you put a text on the DIY magnets? I want a senior picture of my daughter with just her name on them. I can find any of the others that just have a picture and one text.
Hey Brandi! The DIY Magnets are completely your design. If you have a photo editing program (Paint will do) you can add text to your photo before uploading. Thanks!
Michael Cochran
How does the quality of this product compare to that of the "photo magnet" product? Durability, Colors not fading, etc.
Hey Michael! These templated magnets are printed on our eco-friendly press paper, the "photo magnets" are printed on our photographic paper. The Press printed magnets are archival quality, similar to the photo magnets, and are durable and have colors that will not fade under normal conditions. Thanks!
Michael Cochran
MpixAwesome, thank you!
Cecelia Horn
do we have to order in a set? I only want two.
Hey Cecelia! We do only sell the templated magnets in sets of 25. However we do have photo magnets that can be purchased outside of a set - those can be found here: Thanks!
Jessica Meyer
where are the hanukkah magnets??????
Hey Jessica! I apologize, however we do not have any magnets specific to Hanukkah. Thank you for your question.
Lucent Photography and Design
I would like to order five holiday magnets with five different there a way to not do sets, just single magnets?
Hey there! We apologize, but our magnets currently only come in sets of 25. We do sell Photo Magnets that let you order a completely custom design and are printed on photographic paper here: These can be ordered in groups of 5. Thanks!
Kristy Watts Montgomery
are the magnets matte or glossy? Looking for a glossy magnet that looks like a regular photo.
Hey Kristy! You would love our Photo Magnets printed on Fuji Pearl paper here: Thanks!
Kristy Watts Montgomery
So the DIY magnets are a matte paper?
You are correct. Thanks!
Patti Brady Koning
How are these different from the Photo Magnets? I want to create a magnet with a sports team on it, with the team's name. I am not sure if I should make a Photo Magnet (with the text already on the photo) or use these.
Hey Patti! These are our templated magnets that have your photo as well as a design. If you have the photos with the text added to them already, the Photo Magnet would be the perfect choice for what you are looking for. Thanks!
Matt Rasch
I would like to just put my family's photo on it. Is that possible?
Matt Rasch
OK, I found the DIY section thanks.
Natasha Schroeder Pierce
I'd really love to have something that would work for family portraits. I'd like to send something to friends and extended family that they don't have to worry about finding a frame and space for... but the plain ones are just smaller than I'd like. Wish you guys would come out with some more options for these!
Thank you for the suggestion, Natasha. We will pass this along to our product development team for consideration.