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Delightful Daisies Green 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Flourishing Flowers Blue 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Little Wildflower 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Such Is Love 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Snapshot Story EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Warm Blossoms Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Picturesque Occasion EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Violet Dreams Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Lookin Up EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Pockets Of Posy Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Hello Little One Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Golden Moments EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Colorful Arrows Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Spring Garden Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Peach Blossoms Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Anchors Away Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Sticky Sprout Pink 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Precious Delivery 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Watercolor World 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Snickerdoodle Love Accordion Minis
Hey Baby Accordion Minis
Bouncing Boy Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Sky Salutations 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Sugar and Spice Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
First Year Girl Accordion Minis
Pretty in Plaid 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
First Year Boy Accordion Minis
Oceans View 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Flower Patch 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Pink Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Gray Zig-Zag Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Aqua Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Candy Striper Accordion Minis
Blue Victorian Accordion Minis
Yellow Zig-Zag Accordion Minis
Pink Victorian Accordion Minis
Vintage Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Love Pennant Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis

Get on-the-go photo-sharing fun with Accordion Mini Photo Books.

Because the family photo album doesn’t fit in your purse - Accordion Mini Photo Books give you a chance to show off your favorite photos with style, no matter where you find yourself.

Accordion Minis are perfect for celebrating any occasion - we have Newborn Accordion Minis, Wedding Accordion Minis, Holiday Accordion Minis or an accordion mini for the day you finally get everybody in the same room (and smiling!) for a few family photos. These accordion-style mini Photo Books offer a fun and affordable way to showcase your  photos. We even have Calendar Accordion Minis to keep you organized and smiling all year round.

Pick your occasion, choose your layout and drop in your photos to make your dream mini photo book. Just make sure you get one for Grandma AND Grandpa. They won’t want to share.

Lindsay MacDonald
It would be nice if there were a less stylized option. I've searched all of the mini accordian categories "holiday, birthdays, etc" and I really just want one without colors/text/textures, just images. Thaks!
Thanks Lindsay, we will pass this along to our product development team.
Nancy Kutz
I agree with Lindsay regarding the stylized option, or if at least you could take out the wording. I just wanted more options to have a plain mini to document a great vacation and give as a gift thanks
Jodibeth Brown
Mpix I would love to see a simple one also. Just photos.
Angela K. Rough
There reeeeeally needs to be some options that are not related to any holiday. I see that someone else asked about this in August. Pleeease get on that.
Susan Carlson Libke
Yes we need some simpler designs in the accordion minis please.
Michelle Glenn
I would LOVE it if the MPIXpro would work for me. Freezes up all the time. And so I'm left rushing around and not finding options here for what I want.
Hey Michelle! Please e-mail our customer service team about this issue so they can help you. Their e-mail address is Thanks!
Alison E. Curtis
I too wish there was just a basic option, of perhaps photos only without background, or solid black. It's hard to gift these when they're so limited with customization.
Caryn Cosentino-Ogurek
exactly how big are the accordion mini photos? fo 20.00 id hope they were at least 4x6 each??
Hi Caryn, it will completely depend on the template you select. There are designs that feature spreads so the images are larger. Hope this helps!
Jennifer Kopp
Also - maybe you can point me in the direction of a card that I can add a poem too? All of the text boxes seem to have a short character limit - ideas?
We do have a DIY section that lets you upload a completely custom design here: Thanks!
Jennifer Kopp
Do you have a trifold type of holiday card? I like this idea but I need over 100. Is there a card option for this vs a book?
Hey Jennifer! We do not have a tri-fold card option at this time, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for your question!
Laurie E Laurie
When they say "mini" they mean it! I just bought 2 for Christmas. Got them in the mail today. The photo quality is good enough, shipping was speedy, BUT they are so incredibly tiny! All photos are smaller than I thought. And, certainly not worth the $19.99 each. I won't be ordering these ever again! I would not recommend these to anybody. Sorry Mpix. I have loved all my other orders. I am very disappointed with your accordion mini photo books!
Hey Laurie! We are very sorry that you aren't pleased with your order. Please e-mail our customer service team at
Michelle Chewning Vrana
Isn't there a "work around" to order the mini-accordians with just images and no border? I know I ordered one earlier this year or last year, and that one is nothing but images. Thanks!
Our customer service team can answer this for you Michelle - please e-mail them at Thanks!