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Candy Cane Delight Angie Sandy Designs Keepsake Box
Golden Christmas Angie Sandy Designs Keepsake Box
Lovely Holiday EW Couture Collection Keepsake Box
North Star Worsham Designs Keepsake Box
Spirited Script Worsham Designs Keepsake Box
Take Note Jamie Schultz Designs Keepsake Box
Splendid Achievement Jamie Schultz Designs Keepsake Box
Shining Moments Jamie Schultz Designs Keepsake Box
Bits And Pieces Jamie Schultz Designs Keepsake Box
Emblematic Event Jamie Schultz Designs Keepsake Box
Wedding Bells Keepsake Box
Teddy's Treasures Keepsake Box
Cupid's Song Keepsake Box
Precious Baby Yellow Worsham Designs Keepsake Box
Precious Boy Blue Worsham Designs Keepsake Box
Ribbon Aqua 1 Canoe 2 Keepsake Box
Flourish Jamie Schultz Designs Keepsake Box
Vintage Keepsake Box
Ornate Blue Keepsake Box

Custom Photo Keepsake Box by Mpix. Your Personal Treasure Chest.

A personalized photo Keepsake Box from Mpix provides a sleek, stylish way to commemorate any occasion: weddings, births, graduations, the holidays and more. Our 5x7” satin finished photo memory box has a 2” depth, making it a perfect place to store special mementos, keepsakes and other timeless tokens of these special events.

Simply upload your photo and choose from dozens of our professional designs. If you are giving a Keepsake Box as a gift, have it gift-wrapped in upscale boutique packaging, including French vanilla tissue paper in a luxurious cream box all wrapped with a rich chocolate brown grosgrain bow.

Delivered in just a few short days after ordering, a custom photo Keepsake Box from Mpix is a thoughtful way to feature your cherished photos from life’s most memorable occasions. So, go on, take your favorite photo and turn it into a meaningful gift that helps document this journey we call life. 

Lauren Bowen Train
AHH! Me too! I have two from Paper Coterie and need a third in a bigger size! Any word from production team on a bigger one!?
Annette Miller
I agree about adding bigger size. I also purchased 10x12 boxes from Paper Coterie and am looking to match my others. Any way Mpix would get a bigger size?
I will pass this idea along to our product development team. Thanks!
Marissa Merry Ray
I would also recommend even bigger. Paper Coterie used to have one that I think was 10x12 but they have gone out of business and it would be nice to try to match the others I have for my kiddos.
Christy Congdon
Whaaat? When did Paper Coterie go out of business??
Kristy Wells
how many images do these boxes hold?
Hey Kristy! The keepsake boxes will hold up to 200 un-mounted 5x7 prints. Thanks!
Katie Meagher Kline
Is there any way to use your own custom design (as a JPEG with the correct dimensions) for the boxes instead of one of the existing ones?
Hey Katie! Please e-mail our customer service team at and they might be able to help you out with this. Thanks!
Melissa Letzkus Hemmer
will a 5x7 photo fit inside the box?
Hey Melissa! The box is slightly bigger than a 5x7" to allow for you to store 5x7" prints inside. Thanks!
Stephanie Kirby Aldridge
Please consider adding 8x10 sizes for these boxes!!
Thanks Stephanie, we will pass thing along to our product development team.
Barbara Livie Fuente
What are the boxes made of?
Hey Barbara! The keepsake boxes are a high quality, heavy duty fiber board. We print the image/template design on photographic paper which is then laminated and wrapped around the fiberboard. Thanks!