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Sketch Pad


Sketch Pad Details
Sketch Pad$19.99
Size 14x11"
Cover of Pad Signature paper
Interior Pages Includes 50 interior pages printed on luxurious text paper
Binding Tear-off or spiral bound
Design Features Drag and drop your images into one of our stylish designs
Boutique Packaging Gift wrap your order in our upscale packaging

Custom Sketch Pads by Mpix: Mod Matrix

Our custom Mod Matrix Sketch Pad features your photo in a white frame on a white background with a modern yellow and green pattern. The artist’s name and the year are displayed above your photo. Order your own personalized 50-page Sketch Pad in a Tear-Off or Spiral binding in a 14x11”. offers a wide variety of custom Sketch Pads that your kids are sure to love. With lots of fun and creative designs featuring your personal photos, there’s no limit to where their imaginations will take them with their own personalized Sketch Pad.

Whether you prefer tear off or spiral bound pages, Mpix has it covered! Find sketch pads with modern and contemporary styles, bright colors and fun patterns. Find minimalist style sketch pads with neutral colors and classic designs. Let your little artists express themselves while you admire their awesome creations.

Our quick and easy ordering process ensures that your personalized sketch pad will arrive fast so your children can get started on their first masterpiece. Now let the fun begin!

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