Canvas Gallery Wraps

Turn your memories into a high-end art piece worthy of any museum wall.


Product Details
Sizes 8x10", 10x10", 11x14", 10x20", 16x16", 10x30", 16x20", 16x24", 20x20", 20x24", 20x30", 24x30", or 24x36"
Material Printed on fine art canvas and wrapped around a 1.5" stretcher frame
Important To ensure proper positioning of your image please refer to the preview tab when ordering Gallery Wraps
Retouching Remove slight imperfections from your images

Custom Canvas Gallery Wraps by Mpix Home Decor: Discover your inner artist.

Refresh your walls with personalized high-end art – Mpix Custom Canvas Print Gallery Wraps.

Transform your digital photos into beautiful, professional quality Canvas Prints and then have them gallery wrapped around a 1.5” wooden stretcher frame to create a gorgeous piece of unique art for your walls. Delivered in just a few days, your canvas print arrives ready-to-hang right out of the box. Choose from a variety of dimensions and sizes to find the perfect fit for your photos and your home.

Your pictures are already priceless; now turn them into authentic art with Canvas Print Gallery Wraps from Mpix. 

Jean Bright
Can you do a collage?
Hey Jean! We do not have a collage building tool on our site at this time, however if you create a collage using a photo editing program and upload the file to us we can absolutely print it for you. Thanks!
Lynn Lechtenberg
Are you able to add a "Phrase" over a canvas picture? Example: Have a picture on a canvas and then I want it to have the Phrase Life is not measured by....... The pic would be the background.
Hey Lynn! We do not have a text tool on our website for canvas prints at this time, however if you add your own text to the image in a photo editing program, then upload the finished image we can absolutely print it for you!
Trisha Wright
Would you be able to do a 32 x 48 gallery wrap?
Hello Trisha, the largest size Gallery Wrap that we offer is 24x36. Sorry!
Jami De Jong Hainey
I'm trying to just order a canvas, but can't seem to find it on the website. I only see canvas wrap and I don't want that option...can you help?
Hey Jami! The other canvas option that we have is for a canvas on matboard. This can be ordered in the cart after you have added the print size you are looking for with the "Add a mount or a frame button. As a note, this product is meant for framing so we would suggest adding a frame as well. Thanks!
Jeannine Pound
Can you mirror the edges of the image for the 1.5" wrap? I ordered a canvas from a different shop this way and it was IDEAL. Entire image on the front but the impression of an image wrap. The photos I take for clients all include an edge that could be mirrored on a 1.5" wrap.
Hey Jeannine! Our customer service team will be happy to help. Please email our agents at
Vicki Stimax Faix
I have a family picture with six of us in it. I've seen on pinterest where they have taken a family photo and cut it into three sections making three canvas pictures instead of the one. Can that be done through Mpix?
Hey Vicki! If you e-mail our customer service team, they will be happy to assist you with this order. Their e-mail address is Thanks!
Betty Vb
Bethany Donovan
I have 2 pictures I want to get printed on a canvas, but both are being cut off more than half of the picture... not understanding how I can fix this, want the whole body in the canvas. I can do the whole body on other websites but only print through your company because of the quality..please help!
Thank you for reaching out to us about this, Bethany. Our customer service team will be happy to help. Please email us at
Kamber Mathews
Can I have plain on the sides? or does it have to be the picture wrapped all the way around?
Hi Kamber. We are able to add a white, black or blur border to your Gallery Wrap rather than having your image wrap all the way around the product. You would just need to email our customer service team at immediately after placing your order and ask us to apply the border for you.
Kamber Mathews
Mpix Great! Thanks so much!
Rose Fried
Hi, i'm trying to do a canvas gallery wrap and my picture is a close up and most of it gets cut off. How can i zoom out to fit the whole pic on the canvas?
Hi Rose. Our customer service team will be able to work through possible solutions with you. Please email us at

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