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Tracy Saunier
I have recently been taking Senior Pictures for daughter and some of her classmates. I found this site by pure accident and ordered a few items to sample the quality...WOW! I have been recommending this site to everyone that I can. I absolutely love the reactions I get when I compare the Mpix quality to the quality of the $60 8x10 that I purchased from the "professional company" through the school!...I just can't say enough about Mpix!!!
Thanks so much Tracy!
Ann Crow
I am looking at ordering the photos for inside the announcement with rounded edges. Is this offered?
Hey Ann! Our Wallets are 2.5x3.5" and come die-cut with rounded corners by default. They are ordered in sets of 4. Thanks!
Julie Ollila
Tracy what paper did you order? I would like a matte finish and don't know what the difference between the pearl and the e-surface?
Dawn Levian
Mpix wallets are by FAR the best out there. When I do photos for people I ALWAYS recommend mpix and tell people they can go elsewhere if they want but they will regret not using mpix.
Tracy Saunier
Julie, I used the esurface
Donna Sonier Waguespack
I'm trying to find out the same thing. Do you get an answer?
Lauren Parker
How do you put text on the picture?
Lisa Spinozzi Palm
Mpix, I wish I could find those on your website! All that comes up for Seniors is invitations. Disappointed in your "search" because if you put in Seniors or Graduation it goes to the invites.
Wilma Inman
I've done this for both of my daughter's graduation and they were exceptional quality.
Betty Sperring Chester
Jen Stober Wiggs
I'd like to order more than 10 sheets of the perforated wallets, but I plan on using multiple pictures.. will I still receive the discounted price? or do they all need to be of the same picture for that?
Jen Stober Wiggs The discount applies for multiple prints of the same image. Thanks for your question!
Shanna Marin
Did you use your photos for her senior pic in the yearbook & if so what did you select?
MattandNicole Troyer
I used mpix for the first time this week after being so disappointed with my 9 month old twins pictures I had developed at Walgreens. Mpix had been recommended to me by a couple photographers but I thought it would be a pain to have to do it online. Well I decided to give it a shot. I couldn't be happier. I placed my order wed and already got it today fri! The pictures are awesome! I will never go to Walgreens or anywhere else again. Thanks so much for quality prints at an affordable price!!
We are happy to have you!
Taunya Hatcher
This post has made me decide to try this, my pictures I took and edited that were beautiful on my computer were TERRIBLE at walgreens!!! Cant wait to try
Arturo Hernandez
Taunya Hatcher I have also used walgreens for my sons baby pictures and they were horrible. I will be trying it today.
Patti LaClair
I just received my daughter's senior pictures and love them. I love the metal prints. I am very happy with everything and will be ordering again in the near future. Thank you.
Tony Mule
Got my first order today and WOW was I impressed. No comparison to by prints in the past from other printers. I feel like a pro. * Note - go for the luster it is worth paying a little more
Thanks Tony! We are so happy you love your prints!
Kelli Nicole Campbell Brannen
I recently purchased some photos from you all at the suggestion of my photographer and I am so glad I did. The quality of your photos is SUPERB! I will be ordering from you all again in the very near future and recommend you to my friends and family!
Thanks so much Kelli!
Becky Clements Goodwin
I just received the 11x14 picture with matte board of our daughter's engagement. Wow, I am so happy with the picture. It totally looks like I ordered this from a photographer for tons of money!! I will display this at her bridal shower next month. I love it! I will be back with wedding photos!! thank you.