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Baseball Black Memory Mates
Baseball Black Memory Mates

Win or lose, it’s about being a team. Create personalized Sports Memory Mates online with Mpix.

Win, lose or draw, every shared moment amongst teammates lives on with a personalized Sports Memory Mates from Mpix. Kids are always changing and growing but looking back at the teams of the past will always be a moment you cherish.  

Start out by choosing your sport. We have designs for tons of different events like soccer, baseball, football, cheerleading, dance, band and more plus several varsity color choices to match school or team colors. Add lines of text to your Memory Mates to commemorate names, achievements or anything else you want to remember. Mpix always has the best quality print products, and your delivery is there just a few days after ordering.

When your child is grown and on the varsity squad, you’ll have your supply of Sports Memory Mates to remind them of the years when their coordination was a bit more questionable and of the teammates who first helped nurture their love of the game.

Lance Pitts
Please have blank templates in the future. Would love to buy these for our baseball team, however they seem childish for 12 year Olds.
Tiffany Cash
I am trying to order a group of martial arts photos. Most of the students wanted memory mates. I noticed you have martial arts in trading cards and a magazine cover but not a memory mate. I need to get these ordered asap. Is there any way you could use the martial arts template and include a martial arts memory mate please?
Hey Tiffany! Please e-mail our customer service team at, they might be able to help you with your order. Thanks!
Ronda Wendt Schultz
Would love for you to change up your memory mates. Been going with you for years, but have to go other places that offer more of a design variety. Thanks!
Hi Ronda, we appreciate your feedback. I will pass along your recommendation and make sure we get them updated!
Tommy Kays
Yes I agree, would like you to change the memory mates, or better yet, give us the opportunity to change them.
Denise Hiam
What about archery?
Hey Denise! I apologize, however we do not have any archery related templates. Thank you for your question.
Heather Michaels Condon
MPIX, I love your products and service, but I had to use another site for memory mates this year for baseball, football, and cheer pics. My customers want different backgrounds each year and you have had the same ones for at least 3 years that I know of. I want to stay with you, but my customers have to get what they want. Please offer more selection on sports backgrounds for next year, so I can give you my business. Thank you!
Thanks for your feedback Heather! We will pass this along to our product development team.
Monica Jackson Ragans
I need a memory mat for 2014, is there any way to get 2014 on the memory mat opposed to 2015? Thanks,
Hey Monica! You should be able to change the year while you are ordering. If not, please e-mail our customer service team at and they will help you with your order. Thanks so much!
Nikki King Rogers
Can I change the date from 2015 to 2014 on the top of the memory mat mpix?
Hey Nikki! You should be able to make this change during the ordering process. If not, please e-mail our customer service team at and they will help you. Thanks!
Nelli Sudbrock
I agree with everyone else - we need to be able to take away all the text you have there and just type in the name of the team
Jill Kraft
Do you have any memory mates for Color or Winter Guard?
Hey Jill! I apologize, however we do not have memory mates for Color or Winter Guard at this time. Thank you for your question!
Jennifer Crooks Hamel
Can memory mates be modified to include a team logo for a fee? Would really love this - your swimming options are limited. Thanks!
Unfortunately this isn't possible at this time - but we will pass this along to our product development team. Thanks!