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Win or lose, it’s about being a team. Create personalized Sports Memory Mates online with Mpix.

Win, lose or draw, every shared moment amongst teammates lives on with a personalized Sports Memory Mates from Mpix. Kids are always changing and growing but looking back at the teams of the past will always be a moment you cherish.  

Start out by choosing your sport. We have designs for tons of different events like soccer, baseball, football, cheerleading, dance, band and more plus several varsity color choices to match school or team colors. Add lines of text to your Memory Mates to commemorate names, achievements or anything else you want to remember. Mpix always has the best quality print products, and your delivery is there just a few days after ordering.

When your child is grown and on the varsity squad, you’ll have your supply of Sports Memory Mates to remind them of the years when their coordination was a bit more questionable and of the teammates who first helped nurture their love of the game.

Nelli Sudbrock
I agree with everyone else - we need to be able to take away all the text you have there and just type in the name of the team
Carly Wagner Haller
I am wanting to order the soccer memory mate. Is there a way to change where is says "Breakaway Buzz"? I only saw the two lines of font that you can customize. I would like to put the team name where is says "Breakaway Buzz" if I can. I am not sure what Breakaway Buzz means.
Hey Carly! That text line is a part of the template and unfortunately cannot be changed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!
Dawn Gearing Stanley
Am I missing the size of the photos in the mate?
Patsy Yanez
I need a softball memory mate...
Hey Patsy! We have a full line of Softball sports produts, including Memory Mates. Check them out here!
Brandy Dial
Are the old style Memory Mate templates available that show the sport graphics?
Hey Brandy! We apologize for the inconvenience, but those templates are no longer available. Thank you for your question!
Brandy Dial
Mpix Well I'd love to see them come back... the new ones feel very generic!
Heather Jones Estridge
I was wondering if you have an option for 2 vertical pictures instead of 1 horizontal and 1 vertical. Thanks.
Hey Heather! We do not currently have an option like that for our Memory Mates, however we will pass this idea along to our design team. Thanks!
Tenae Davis
where are all the tball memory mates?
Hey Tenae! They are located here: Thanks!
Tenae Davis
Thank you!!
Danielle Heaphy
I am looking for a cardboard stand-up frame to put the memory mate in, do you carry that?
Hey Danielle! We do not carry a product like that at this time. Thanks!
Shelly Brown Rivello
I am searching for a blank template, or one that is for school (preschool, actually). I need assistance, as I can not create one on my own! Help!
Hey Shelly! We do not have any black templates for our memory mates. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!
Tricia Harvey
Where are the team photo mats for baseball? I ordered them last year for my nephew's team.
Hi Tricia. Our Memory Mates are frequently used for team sports pictures. The baseball design can be found here:
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