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Pattern Aqua Square Ornate 1 Canoe 2 Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Bold Modern Angie Sandy Designs Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Pattern Pink Ornate 1 Canoe 2 Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Christmas Gray Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Argyle Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Dot Circles Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Pattern Tan White 1 Canoe 2 Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Holiday Candy Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Stripes Polka Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00
Tis The Season Holiday Ornaments, Starting at $10.00

Create Custom Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Ornaments with Mpix is your first and last stop for personalized Christmas and Holiday Photo Ornament shopping this year. With dozens of photo ornaments featuring your personal digital photos, you can say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” with one of our festive designs, or take your very own custom design and make a photo ornament that is uniquely you using our DIY feature.  

Here at Mpix, our easy ordering process and quick delivery will provide some much needed relief during this busy season. Spend more time this holiday season with your loved ones and less time worrying about the decorations. That’s our job now.

Stacy Fite
Is there a way to make an Our First Christmas Ornament?
Hey Stacy! We do have our DIY ornament section that lets you customize and create your own design! It is located here: Thanks!
Stacy Fite
Are the ornaments one sided or is it printed on both sids? What are they made of?
Hey Stacy! The ornaments are double sided and printed on metal. Thanks!
Stacy Fite
Mpix Thank you
Mary Ann Scalia Sullivan
I see the size of the ornaments, but what is the size of the picture on it?
Hey Mary Ann! The size of the image on the ornament really depends on the ornament and template you select. With our templates, the images will all be around 1.840x1.200 (or so). However, if you are doing the DIY ornament, the image will cover the entire ornament area. Thanks!
Jeannie Bettencourt
Hi is it me or ornaments are a lot smaller than last year?
We apologize for the confusion, Jeannie. Our Holiday Ornaments are smaller this year than they were last year.
Christine Ford Mediamolle
I'm trying to create an ornament but 2013 isn't an option…can I still order a 2013 ornment??
You sure can, Christine. When you are adding your photos to the Ornament design you have selected, you are able to choose 2013 as the year.
Renae Liotta Diaz
When I ordered my 2013 ornaments, I thought I saw that I could still get ornaments that say 2012. Now that it's after Christmas and I have a chance to scan last years Christmas photos, I don't see any 2012 options anymore. Are they still available?
They sure are, Renae. When you are adding your photos to the Ornament design you have selected, you are able to choose 2012 as the year.
Alexis Anderson Lavko
Mpix Now that it's 2014, are you still able to choose 2012?
Hey Alexis, if you contact our customer service team at they can make that change for you. Thanks!
Nicole Lucas
is there a way to not have a date? I picked a design that didn't show a date but then it added it.
We apologize, Nicole, but there is not a way to remove the year/date from our Ornament designs at this time.
Jamie Deschler Haberberger
Can you customize text on the holiday ornaments?
We apologize, Jamie, but you cannot customize the text on our Holiday Ornament designs.
Lisa McLaughlin Vaughn
Is the metal thin enough for me to add a hole at the bottom to attach a jingle bell?
Hi Lisa. The metal used for our Ornaments is 1/16" thick, so this might work if you have a machine to cut the hole.
Jenny Mitchell
Hi. How come I can't get the "Plaid Peace Joy" ornament to show up in the design window?
We apologize about the difficulties, Jenny. When designing your Ornament, select "Holiday Ornament - Circle 2" from the top drop down menu. Then select "Peace Plaid Joy" as your template.
Jenny Mitchell
Thank you - the ornaments turned out beautiful!!
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