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Delightful Daisies Green 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Flourishing Flowers Blue 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Little Wildflower 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Such Is Love 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Snapshot Story EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Warm Blossoms Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Picturesque Occasion EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Lookin Up EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Violet Dreams Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Pockets Of Posy Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Hello Little One Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Golden Moments EW Couture Collection Accordion Minis
Colorful Arrows Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Spring Garden Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Peach Blossoms Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Anchors Away Worsham Designs Accordion Minis
Sticky Sprout Pink 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Precious Delivery 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Watercolor World 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Snickerdoodle Love Accordion Minis
Hey Baby Accordion Minis
Bouncing Boy Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Sugar and Spice Angie Sandy Designs Accordion Minis
Sky Salutations 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
First Year Girl Accordion Minis
Pretty in Plaid 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
First Year Boy Accordion Minis
Oceans View 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Flower Patch 1 Canoe 2 Accordion Minis
Gray Zig-Zag Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Pink Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Damask Chic Aqua Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Candy Striper Accordion Minis
Blue Victorian Accordion Minis
Yellow Zig-Zag Accordion Minis
Vintage Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis
Pink Victorian Accordion Minis
Love Pennant Jamie Schultz Designs Accordion Minis

Get on-the-go photo-sharing fun with Accordion Mini Photo Books.

Because the family photo album doesn’t fit in your purse - Accordion Mini Photo Books give you a chance to show off your favorite photos with style, no matter where you find yourself.

Accordion Minis are perfect for celebrating any occasion - we have Newborn Accordion Minis, Wedding Accordion Minis, Holiday Accordion Minis or an accordion mini for the day you finally get everybody in the same room (and smiling!) for a few family photos. These accordion-style mini Photo Books offer a fun and affordable way to showcase your  photos. We even have Calendar Accordion Minis to keep you organized and smiling all year round.

Pick your occasion, choose your layout and drop in your photos to make your dream mini photo book. Just make sure you get one for Grandma AND Grandpa. They won’t want to share.

Lindsay MacDonald
It would be nice if there were a less stylized option. I've searched all of the mini accordian categories "holiday, birthdays, etc" and I really just want one without colors/text/textures, just images. Thaks!
Thanks Lindsay, we will pass this along to our product development team.
Marla Sudman Lisman
Millers has them with no elements.
Christy Màiquez
Mpix , you used to have that as an option.... JUST images... what happened to it??? That disappeared as well as the start over button. That was my fav :)
JoAnne Nevins
Can these stand up on their own? For instance if placed on a desk would it fall over or stand up when opened?
Thank you for reaching out, JoAnne. Our Accordion Minis can stand up on their own when opened, which is a very popular display option for this product. Here is an example from our blog of how they look when displayed like this:
Tracey Costanzo
Love this idea. Would be great in a larger size --4x6 and 5x7. Please consider offering this.
Thank you for the suggestion, Tracey. We will pass it along to our product development team.
Hina Khan Class
agree, i ordered these, and they sure are cute, but way too little to really enjoy quality pics
Shannon Dunnigan
Under promise and over deliver. I love it! I placed my order at 1:30 p.m. EST today and received the "Order Shipped" email at 7:47 p.m. EST tonight. I tracked the package and it'll be here before 8 p.m. EST tomorrow (I did pay the extra $12.95 for FedEx 1 Business Day). Very pleased so far and am sure the final product will be great (I have one from our photographer, but this is my first venture at creating one of these myself)! Thank you!
Jenna Olson
Can I order one without a border?
Rose Morse Carcione
Love mpix! Quality is great!
Hey Jenna, we do have several templates without borders, however we cannot change any current templates to remove those borders. We do not have any full bleed options for full page photos at this time. Thanks!
Sarah Smith
Is there any way to order an accordion mini from the app? It's so much easier to upload on that and the adobe flash player is required on the full site:/
We apologize, Sarah, but only Prints are available through our mobile app at this time. We are looking into possibly adding other products in the future, so we will definitely pass your suggestion along for consideration.
Nikki Allen Collins
Are the front and back magnetic, like if to stick to a locker to display at my work?
They sure are, Nikki. The magnetic closures on the front and back allow them to stick to metal surfaces.
Allison Luppen Wergin
Can you add a graduates name to a mini accordion photo book?
We apologize, Allison, but there is not a way to add extra text to our Accordion Mini designs at this time. However, certain designs - like the one found here: - do have text areas that can be modified and personalized.
Charla West
Can I do fed ex 1 day shipping on accordion to receive before christmas ?
You sure can, Charla. Most orders ship in 1-2 days and we will be shipping until December 23rd.
Pam Noland
How thick are the pages in the accordion? Is it paper or more like a board book thickness?
Hi Pam. You can choose either Signature Paper or 100% Recycled Paper for Accordion Minis. Both papers have a 130# weight.