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Win or lose, it’s about being a team. Create personalized Sports Memory Mates online with Mpix.

Win, lose or draw, every shared moment amongst teammates lives on with a personalized Sports Memory Mates from Mpix. Kids are always changing and growing but looking back at the teams of the past will always be a moment you cherish.  

Start out by choosing your sport. We have designs for tons of different events like soccer, baseball, football, cheerleading, dance, band and more plus several varsity color choices to match school or team colors. Add lines of text to your Memory Mates to commemorate names, achievements or anything else you want to remember. Mpix always has the best quality print products, and your delivery is there just a few days after ordering.

When your child is grown and on the varsity squad, you’ll have your supply of Sports Memory Mates to remind them of the years when their coordination was a bit more questionable and of the teammates who first helped nurture their love of the game.

Shelly Brown Rivello
I am searching for a blank template, or one that is for school (preschool, actually). I need assistance, as I can not create one on my own! Help!
Hey Shelly! We do not have any black templates for our memory mates. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!
Tricia Harvey
Where are the team photo mats for baseball? I ordered them last year for my nephew's team.
Hi Tricia. Our Memory Mates are frequently used for team sports pictures. The baseball design can be found here:
Kylene Stenzel
Would love a Racing template. or just a blank one I could make for my racing stuff. My kids race Quarter Midgets and I would love some of these for them.
Hey Kylene! While we don't have a racing template, we do have two templates (track & field and swimming) that have the tag line "Pace Setter" which works well with racing. Thanks!
Kylene Stenzel
Mpix Thank you. I didnt even realize that. That will work for now, but would love one that says "Winner" :D
"Winner" does have a great ring to it!
Holly Page
Are these an easel back card? or just a photo print? I'm looking for the old school cardboard easel back/stand on its own kind of thing...??
Hey Holly! Our Memory Mates are printed on our photographic paper and do not have an easel backing. Thanks!
Carrie Hertzog
What are the dimensions of the larger photo space?
Hey Carrie! The dimensions for the memory mate openings are 2.249x2.786" for the smaller, individual area and 6.928x5.552" for the larger team area. Thanks!
Mikol Dela Cruz
Do you have any "blank" memory mate options where there is no text pre-printed?
Hey Mikol! The text isn't pre-printed, you can add up to two lines of text for names, team names and the year. If you do not want any text here, you have the option to leave these sections blank. Everything else is a part of the template and cannot be changed. I hope this answers your question. Thanks!
Mikol Dela Cruz
Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping for a totally blank template with no theming on it at all.
Claude Adams
Did you guys discontinue the colorguard template for Zenfolio?
Hey Claude! When it comes to templates offered through Zenfolio, you would need to contact Zenfolio's customer support team at Thanks!
Jenni McGuire Legg
On these memory mates does it have to say soccer buzz or can I put the name of the high school on their instead?
Jenni McGuire Legg
there... sorry!
Hey Jenni! The line "Soccer Buzz" line is a part of the template and we cannot change it, however you can add two lines of text to the memory mate to add the names of players, the year, or the team name. Thanks!
Amanda Ann Vlaminck
Can you change the year on the memory mate? I am making one from the 2013 season, but it is automatically putting 2014.
Hey Amanda! There isn't a way to change it on your end, but if you e-mail our customer service at after you order with your order number, they will gladly fix it for you. Glad to have you working with us!
Tarah Smith Fenn
Thanks for the response. Do you have any intentions on having a memory mate in the future where you can upload your own logo images? Thanks. Tarah
We will pass this along to our product development team for consideration, thank you for the suggestion Tarah.