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Order custom sports Photo Trader Cards online. A keepsake worth keeping.

Custom sports Photo Trader Cards help you root for the home team. In rain or shine, you were there to support your athlete. Continue to show you’re their number one fan with custom sports Photo Trader Cards from Mpix. Whatever sport they've chosen (hockey, basketball, baseball, softball, cheer, band, dance and more), Mpix has you covered with numerous card designs and varsity colors to match their squad.

Upload your digital sports photos to our website and easily get started customizing your Photo Trading Card. You can add up to two lines of text at the top and six lines of text on the back to recognize schools, team names and special achievements. Choose from either our premium E-Surface paper or our Metallic paper to add an extra shine to your personalized Photo Trading Card. 

We always deliver just a few days after your order has been completed. Ordered in sets of 12, your 2.5x3.5” sports Trader Cards are just a few clicks away from your collection. 

Karla Stephens Cobb
In need of some trader cards for go cart racing or dirt bike racing. any ideas?
Hey Karla! We do have our swimming photo trader cards with the words "Pace Setter" on them - they are here: I hope this helps!
Karla Stephens Cobb
No I need like race car type!!! Thank you!
Hey Karla, you can insert your racing photo to the image with the tag line "Pace Setter" that works with racing, the photo trader card itself doesn't mention swimming, and the phrase "Pace Setter" can be used in racing. If not, we apologize, thanks!
Terri Stoff
what is the difference between this and the regular trading card?
Hey Terri! The Photo Trader Card is printed on our photographic paper, the trader cards are printed on card stock. I hope that helps!
Alice Wardrope Falkenhain
Do you offer trader cards with more than one photo like a collage of 3 pics?
Hey Alice! We apologize, we do not have any trader card templates with more than one photo on them. However, if you have a bunch of awesome photos that you can't decide between, we think you will love our Sports Tickets ( and Flashlight Keychains (!
Kimberly Le Tanny
Do you no longer offer the option to customize the trader cards and upload my own design? That used to be an option and I had ordered it last in 2012.
Hey Kimberly - With our sister company MpixPro you can do exactly that! Check them out here:
Kimberly Le Tanny
Mpix Disappointed that the custom set up doesn't allow for a totally customized card where I can just upload a front and back that fills the entire frame without having to upload a background image. I already created a custom template that has the background image incorporated into it. Doing it your way will make my trader card image really small with a border. Is there a way to do that?
Hey Kimberly! Please e-mail our customer service team at and they will help you figure this out. Thanks!
Jeannette Wagner
Just clarifying: says to order trader cards in sets of 12. So if I order one set, I will get 12 of them? Have several clients wanting trader cards, so making sure if someone wants 24 cards, I order 2 sets?
That's correct, Jeannette. If a client wants to receive 24, order 2 sets.
Jeannette Wagner
Mpix Thanks!
Heidi Sheriff Crawford
I sometimes use templates from Templates Unlimited and it says on their website that we can print thru you guys. But a post below sounds like we can't make them and print thru you? Is that correct?
Hey Heidi! We do have a DIY option for our press cards, however we do not have one for the photo trader cards. The photo trader cards are 2.5x3.5" and printed on our photographic paper, so if you wanted to order a custom photo trader card you would upload your design and order a 2.5x3.5" print of that image. If you wanted to do this for our trader cards on our press paper, you would have to upload a custom 5x7" card design that is made up of 2 trader cards (ordered in sets of 25), then cut them after they are delivered. Thanks!
Michael Shepherd
can I upload my own template and have you guys print them??
We apologize, Michael, but we do not have a DIY option for Trader Cards at this time.
Shaylyn Williams-Paton
How about creating some of these for valentines days
Thank you for the suggestion, Shaylyn.