Spiral bound and completely custom, make each month of the year a little more memorable.


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Product Details
Sizes 11x8.5" or 12x18"
Paper Types Signature or Pearl Paper
Options Customize special dates with images and important events
Processing Time 1-2 business days in lab + shipping

Greet every month with a smile with a personalized Calendar from Mpix.

Celebrate your favorite moments all year long with a personalized Calendar.

Our Photo Calendars come in either a Center Fold (11x8.5”) or Binding on Top (12x18”) style to fit a desk, wall or wherever there’s a need for a bit more organization and a lot more smiles. Pick a photo for every month - use them to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holiday cheer and any other special moments or memories tied to that time of year.

Maria Cooper
I'm seeing this issue come up again and again and I wonder why you are not addressing it here. In the past, we were able to make calendars with different backgrounds and other ways additions. Were did that option go? If it's not available, I will definitely be using another site.
Maria Cooper
FYI- I emailed customer service and this was the reply.. The calendar creation on the site is more basic this year. We do have desktop software that can help you with creating this how you would like though. Please see the link below.
Eliza Hechmer
Maria Cooper You're the best. Thanks for posting this!
Lori Kirsch White
How many photos can be placed on 1 month? I have a VERY large family.
Hey Lori! Our customer service team can help you with this order. Please e-mail them at and they will get back to you super quickly. Thanks!
Mary Becker Campagnaro
I am trying to delete pre formatted text on the calendar (Jan 13 Stephen Foster Memorial Day) but am unable to do so. Any suggestions? Not really interested in this on my calendar.
Hey Mary! Please e-mail our customer service team with this issue. Their e-mail address is Thanks!
Laura M. Brown
If you change the text color to the same color as the background, it won't show.
Rose Boyd
I'm making some of the months into a collage and I need to know what the proportions of the picture size would be. Example 57:43
Hey Rose! Please e-mail our customer service team for help with this order. Their e-mail address is, and they are super fast and super helpful. Thanks!
Lauren Tauchen
I would like to make a calendar using some photos taken with my phone. Will the quality of these pictures be enough to look nice on a calendar?
Hey Lauren! Our software determines the maximum size you can enlarge your photos to. If you are able to add these photos to the calendar, the quality will be excellent. Thanks!
Patsy Jamieson
I would like to make a calendar of food photos with recipes. Is there enough room for text to include a recipe adjacent to the photo or on the reverse side?
Hey Patsy! Our customer service team can give you the best tips to create this calendar. Please e-mail them at Thanks!
Brenda Breeding
Just two weeks ago we had the option of three types of paper. I prefer a paper that is a little bit more shine than either the signature or the pearl paper. Is this still possible?
Hey Brenda! Please e-mail our customer service team at for this issue. Thanks!
Pat Bogart Bland
for the 11 x 8.5 calender, is that the total size & then folded in half, or are the photo part and calander part in essence each the size of a regular piece of paper? guess i'm confused when you mention being folded in the middle
11x8.5 is the size when the calendar is closed, once open it expands. Our apologies for the confusion!
Gn Jerry Nevarez
Is the size the number of calendars on the pricing? and is the price for each one? i am looking for a cheap way to create custom photo calendar to be able to sale as a school fundraiser.
Hey Jerry! The calendar sizes are 11x8.5" or 12x18" and they are the same price. The price differences that you see are for multiple orders of the same designs - so if you order 4 of the same calendar, the price for each is cheaper. Thanks!
Jon Krook
Hello, I seem to have an issue. When I click on order now to create a new calendar, I get a blank screen. I updated Flash, same issue. I tried three different browsers, same issue. I tried to load my calendars from last year and the year before. We have used your website for the last two years and would like to make it three, but it seems to not be working. help!
Hey Jon! Please e-mail our customer service team at so they can help you with this order. Thanks!