Make your photos pop with a simple yet stylish foam-mounted Standout from Mpix.


Product Details
Sizes 8x8", 8x10", 8x12", 10x10", 11x14", 16x20", 16x24", 20x20", or 20x30"
Paper Types E-Surface, Fuji Pearl or True Black & White Photo Paper
Coating Add Lustre Coating for protection
Mounting Print mounted to 1.5” thick foam board in black or white trim
Retouching Remove slight imperfections from your images
Important Borders are not recommended on Standouts. Prints will be trimmed slightly and border cannot be kept even. When placing text or logos on your image please keep a minimum of ½” from the edge of the file.

Foam Mounted Photo Standouts by Mpix Home Decor: Discover your inner artist.

Home Decor has never been easier. For the home decorator searching for that sophisticated and contemporary look, try a Foam Mounted Standout by Mpix. Printed on any of our three professional quality papers (E-Surface, Fuji Pearl or True Black and White) and mounted on a black or white finished 1.5” foam board, Mpix Standouts add a fresh, modern feel wherever they hang.

Our Standout Sizes range from 8x8” to 20x30” and can be protected with a Lustre Coating to keep it looking brand new for years to come. Mpix Photo Standouts are delivered in just a few days, ready-to-hang out of the box.

Upload your digital photos to Mpix, select your preferences and watch your walls come to life with just a few clicks. It’s so easy you just might think it’s magic.

Michelle Patrizio
Do you think you would ever add a 12x12 or 16x16 size?
Hey Michelle! We will pass this suggestion along to our product development team. Thanks!
Devin Shanthikumar
Mpix I second the 16x16 recommendation.
Kris Renee Murphy
12x12 & 16x16 would be awesome!
Carolyn Corbin
I ordered a standout recently, loved the quality and the availability to stand on shelves or hang.
Thanks Carolyn!
Chelsea Cott Lambrecht
We ordered standouts of our kids 4 years ago and they still look like the day we picked them up in the mail. Such great quality. I love them so much that I am making another order of them today. They are super versatile, can hang on the wall or sit on a side table.
We are so glad you love your standouts Chelsea!
Crystal Hefley
Do you offer a Standout that is 3/4" thick. We ordered standouts through our photographer that were this thickness and would like them all to match.
Hello Crystal, the Standouts that we currently offer are 1.5" thick. Thanks!
Sasha Iversen
Do you print larger than 20x30?
Hi Sasha. We do not print Standouts larger than 20x30, but we do offer Photo Prints as large as 24x36:
Kirsten Hund
Hi, How long does it take to deliver the standouts once I have ordered them?
Hi Kirsten! We ship Standouts from our lab within 1 business day, after that it depends on the delivery option that you choose. We always recommend FedEx to make sure your order arrives the fastest. Thanks!
Ralph-Paula Watts
I was wondering if I have a picture that is vertical and I want it to be horizontal, can you do that?
Hey there! We allow you to crop the photo before ordering, and this includes rotating the image if you desire. Thanks!
All the Buzz Embroidery
love our standouts! whats the best way to clean them when dusty? can we wipe down with products/water?
Jen Twomey Gagne
Do you think a standout is something you could write on? Looking to blow up a picture for my grandfather's 90th birthday to have everyone sign with sharpies. Let me know if you think the foam mounted would work. Thanks!
Hey Jen! The standouts are just a mounting service on the back, so you are able to write directly on the print surface with a sharpie. Thanks for your question!
Maryann Watkins
I ordered thinner standouts from another company - beautiful! But then the sides started coming off and the print started separating from the foam mounting, creating "bubbles" all over! That company is going to issue a refund on everything. Before I order a standout from you, I want to know how you apply the print and sides to the foam and what the life expectancy is of that method. Thanks!
Hey Maryann! We rarely get complaints about the quality of our stand outs. The prints are placed on the foam stand out pieces with a dry adhesive procedure. The prints should last about 100 years but it is important that they are displayed in a climate controlled environment. Humidity can cause issues with the Stand Out prints. Thank you for your question!

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