Requirements to upload your photos

System Requirements

Digital pictures are accepted in JPEG and PNG formats. We are able to print from RGB files only.

How can I get the best print from my photo?

"Image resolution" is a fancy term that refers to how many pixels will fit inside each inch of paper when printed. In order for you to get a premium quality Print, your photo needs to have a certain number of pixels. Our software will notify you if your image does not meet our minimum requirement, but here’s a helpful chart that gives you the minimum and optimal resolution for every size we offer. If you still aren’t confident, email us at and a member of our team will take a look at your photos before you submit your order.

  Optimal Minimum
Mini 438x625 150x250
Wallets 625x875 250x350
3.5x5" 875x1250 350x500
4x4" 1000x1000 400x400
4x5" 1000x1250 400x500
4x6" 1000x1500 400x600
5x5" 1250x1250 500x500
5x7" 1250x1750 500x700
6x9" 1500x2250 600x900
8x8" 2000x2000 800x800
5x15" 1250x3750 500x1500
8x10" 2000x2500 800x1000
8.5x11" 2125x2750 850x1100
8x12" 2000x3000 800x1200
10x10" 2500x2500 1000x1000
9x12" 2250x3000 900x1200
10x13" 2500x3250 1000x1300
12x12" 3000x3000 1200x1200
10x15" 2500x3750 1000x1500
5x30" 1250x7500 500x3000
11x14" 2750x3500 1100x1400
10x20" 2500x5000 1000x2000
12x18" 3000x4500 1200x1800
12x24" 3000x6000 1200x2400
16x20" 4000x5000 1600x2000
16x24" 4000x6000 1600x2400
20x20" 5000x5000 2000x2000
20x24" 5000x6000 2000x2400
20x30" 5000x7500 2000x3000
24x36" 6000x9000 2400x3600