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About Zenfolio

Display your photos with Zenfolio. Print them with Mpix

Mpix has partnered with Zenfolio to bring you an unbeatable combination to put your photography online and start selling, all under one roof. With Zenfolio you can create, customize, and run your own website then have Mpix print your orders.

This exclusive partnership enables you to get the same quality, turnaround, and pricing you’re used to with Mpix through your Zenfolio account. If you are looking for a one-stop service that will allow you to beautifully showcase your work, save time, and have Mpix quality printing, Zenfolio is your answer.


Impress your visitors with the best
photo viewing experience online

Visitors will be blown away with beautiful large images, elegant dynamic pages, intuitive navigation, and incredibly fast image loading. Your images will always be displayed in their best viewing size and highest quality, even on mobile devices.

Impress Visitors

Upload an unlimited number of full size files

With Zenfolio you get truly unlimited photo and HD video storage. You can easily upload any number of full size files directly from your favorite photo management tool, or move images from an existing site using fast and free transfer tools, then download them back just as easily any time.

Unlimited Storage

Incredibly fast, dynamic pages with keyboard navigation

Zenfolio uses advanced Web technologies, enabling blazingly fast image loading and convenient keyboard navigation. Try it and you’ll never want to go back to viewing photos any other way. There are also free apps to manage and share your photos from mobile devices so you’ll be able to have your portfolio with you, wherever you go.

Dynamic Pages

Your site. Your logo. Your brand

To create a site that is truly your own you can remove any Zenfolio branding. Then add your own logo and Site Menu links. Combine that with using your own domain name and you’ll have a site that is uniquely yours.

Personalized Logo

Create unique and stunning page designs with just a few clicks

Zenfolio provides the proper tools to help you customize your entire portfolio, enabling you to create your own unique looking website that sets you apart from the rest. The simple point-and-click system walks you through the entire process and even includes online proofing to help you avoid any errors.

Stunning Designs

Apply custom watermarks

For extra protection and brand recognition, you can create and apply default or custom watermarks. Watermarks are applied after photos are uploaded so the original photos stay clear and can be used for ordering prints.

Custom Watermarks

Powerful protection settings

You can make any item public or private, locked with a password, or available only to users on a list. Privacy and access settings can be applied to galleries, individual photos, or the entire account.


A complete e-commerce platform to grow your business

Zenfolio accounts come with a built-in shopping cart. Simply add products to your pricelist, set the prices, and assign the pricelist. Then, before orders even go to print, you can review their details and adjust cropping to avoid costly reprints. You can also replace files used for printing with a higher resolution or retouched version so you spend time editing only those photos that are ordered.

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